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At IHS we are proud of our record of successfully providing more than 10 years of service for people from all walks of life. The services we have given has ranged from one off private hires to regular daily contracts; from just up the road to international journeys to the furthest parts of to Europe. We have risen to the challenges our customers have set us and look forward to the new challengers that the changing face of modern transport will bring whilst maintaining the traditional value of putting our customer’s needs first.

Our objective is to cater to the changing needs of all current and potential passengers, including corporate groups, families, school children, older people and those with special needs. We supplement the public transport systems they use every day by providing a bespoke service, expanding coverage, making connections easier and broadening access to transportation for everyone.

IHS Transport Services Ltd also offers to manage passenger transport on a contractual basis, in an innovative, reliable and cost effective way.


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